All our guard including ex servicemen is given intensive pre service training before they are sent to actual deployment. The training includes security orientation briefing do’s and don’ts action to taken during various emergent situation, e.g. fire, riot , electric short circuit, accidents ,injury , burns, theft ,robbery ect. The training schedule of our security personal includes use of handling of portable fire alarm system , first aid , calling, fire brigade and call police on “as required” basis , the training in use of arms and ammunition. They are also trained for operate CCTV control room, electronic surveillance, car parking ,reception ,customer care staff day and night mobile patrols. Recognize the benefits of electronic technology combined with trained staff and offer you full- proof security services and system after a thorough review of your sites.

The training aspect of our personal is also maintained during employment through an organized and systematic monitoring system whilst in service. Their alertness, duty consciousness, and discipline are tasted through an organized as well as surprise checks. All our patrolling staff , and isolated sites are connected with wireless system and mobile phone. We have a centralized 24 Hours control room to check and monitor response service. In case of any problem at any of the sites, the same reported to the control room ,which is further relayed through wireless radios and our nearest ‘ flying squad ‘ vehicle reaches the spot to take remedial action.

Detailed Plane

The total number of sensitive points which will be guarded on a 24 – hour basis will be as per the tender / direction by the authority concerned. It will be ensured that there is total access control for all this point and no authorized person/ vehicle will be allowed to enter or exit without proper verification and clearance.

Checking Procedur

There shall be strict checking of all of client premises and point different levels, which are under: The security guard will be constantly checked for alertness and vigil by security supervisor. He shall carry out surprise check during day and night shift. Thus, all three shifts checking of all points and all the security guards will be ensured. Over and above this, the security officer take round every 2 hour until midnight and thereafter the patrolling officers of the agency will also carry out snap checks of the performance of the duties (by the security supervisor and the security guards). Also the director of the agency make surprise day and nights of the guards, supervisor, security officers, and the patrolling officers.


Security guards in proper uniform will be deployed in shift basis. Each point shall have a security guard at all times. The security guard shall not leave the point without being relieved properly by another guard. Each shift shall have security supervision as per client requirement, who will ensure proper deployment, relief and alert performance of duties at each point. The supervisor will during his tenure of duty make round of all point and checks the guards and their vigil. Appointment of one security officer is proposed, who will be available in the building round the clock, who will be designated as ‘spot in charge ‘ wherever applicable.

Genral Point

The security officers will be monitoring the duty roster for deployment of security supervisor and guards. He will also ensure proper discipline, uniform wearing a general tern out besides checking the record of entry / exit going and coming out of vehicle /items, equipment (on gate pass basis).We also undertake all facility management services. We can take all category of staff employed at any big organization on our roll and comply al statuary contribution and payment and also maintain their records as per labor law by charging a nominal agency charge.